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Here, students can quickly improve their performance at school, ignite their passion for learning, and greatly improve the five core skills (deep learning, ability to execute quickly, communication, teamwork, and leadership)

SHMD  Academy's  Philosophies

Creative Methods for Education

Asian students often have low communication skills, leadership, and social influence. The benefits of standardized test scores are increasingly ignored. In the United States, the top schools are gradually harder to attend and the future of employment for Asian students is worrying. It is precisely for this dilemma that SHMD Academy has designed an efficient and innovative education system. Here, students will gain a learning opportunity that is centered on practicality and benefits. At SHMD Academy, we will make it easier to attend top colleges and universities in the US.

Ignite learning

The traditional teaching systems utilized in the US are not only inefficient and boring but have no harm to the long-term development of students. At SHMD Academy, we advocate happy and effective learning. After many years of research, we have developed a highly interactive and popular education method. At SHMD Academy, students will be more interested in learning, and parents will have an easier time. Ignite the motivation of learning, and students will develop a good habit of lifelong learning.



Boost Self-Confidence

At SHMD Academy, the steps of learning and applying knowledge are seamlessly connected. At the same time, the curriculum developed by SHMD Academy experts enables young people to successfully transition from the role of student to teacher. Here, each student will complete the whole process of deep learning: “passive absorption – interrogative understanding – creative application – active teaching”. Students, as a result, become more confident and sociable.


Improve the Overall Ability of the Five Core Skills

SHMD Academy's students can fully enhance their five major abilities while improving their academic performance: deep learning, execution, communication, teamwork, and leadership. In SHMD Academy's classrooms, students are the master, project manager, and motivation. We have completely gotten rid of the traditional classroom where "teachers are endlessly talking, and students are sleepy." After studying at SHMD Academy for some time, students often take action to increase the amount of learning and increase the difficulty of projects that they undertake. And everything is attributed to the five major skills training. Here, parents are completely relieved of the control over a child's learning, which is instead given to the child.

Customized Teaching

SHMD believes that every child is different, and as long as everyone teaches, every child will succeed. Therefore, children here have access to teaching services that are only available in private schools. The teachers will regularly check on the progress of students and keep in touch with the parents to ensure that the students' potentials are discovered as early as possible. Parents will be familiar with the development of students throughout the process.





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SHMD Academy's Curriculum


After four or five years of study at a traditional Chinese school, students generally lose interest. The overall improvement is very limited and parents lose confidence. At SHMD Academy, children will be interested in Chinese for more than just a few years. The efficiency of learning Chinese here is more than five times that of traditional Chinese schools. Most children are able to pass Chinese exams in two or three years! With such achievements, this is because we have a complete set of innovative teaching systems including teaching materials, teachers, teaching methods, private custom teaching management systems and so on. At SHMD Academy, it is not just teachers who train children, but a team of educational experts. They have love, ability, and are extraordinary!


SHMD Academy has the best and most innovative team of English teachers in North America.  Here, the students will learn English with a passion. Our leading English teacher is a key teacher at a private school in Atlanta. He is young and full of teaching experience and innovative consciousness. He is very good at igniting children's enthusiasm for learning English and is very popular among students. Another one of our teachers has been teaching in East Asia and has extensive experience in ESL teaching. She has a deep understanding of the special challenges faced by Chinese children in school and can quickly get their children's interest. SHMD Academy uses a unique and interesting method of education to combine daily English teaching with expression, debate, and leadership. Students can quickly improve communication, speaking, debate, and leadership while quickly improving their everyday English skills.


Mathematics is one of SHMD Academy's most distinctive classes. SHMD Academy's mathematics is the exclusive user of the Areteem mathematics system in North America. Areteem is one of the most famous mathematics training institutions in the United States. In the past few years, many members of the American Mathematics Olympiad team were students of Areteem. SHMD Academy's mathematics program adopts a targeted and customized learning program to truly teach students by their aptitude. Communication with parents to keep them informed about the situation of the students is done whenever possible. Make full use of the resources and platforms of Areteem and SHMD at home and abroad, and also have children participate in various mathematics competitions and various follow-up high-end projects (programming, robotics, software development projects, etc.) while learning mathematics, and exercise in practice. This is not only helpful in applying for a good university but also helpful for the development of a child's character and the growth of their mind.


It is not just the intellect that SHMD Academy wants to cultivate, but also developing social skills. Cultivating talents need to be developed with other skills as well. What's more, in the United States, sports training and specialties are crucial! SHMD Academy's founders have more than a decade of leadership training experience in China and the United States. In the training of various people for many years, they found that there is no more influence possible than with physical education to develop children's leadership influence, especially in the cultivation of tenacious will, indomitable spirit, and the fighting style of repeatedly trying! In the United States in recent years, the popularity of the term "GRIT" fully demonstrates the importance of quality training in this area. In all sports, the sport that is most suitable for Asians, especially Chinese children, is fencing.

Our Faculty

SHMD Academy has the best and most innovative team of teachers , causing students be interested in learning and be interested.

Ms. Kelley

Kelley hails from Buford, Georgia. She attended a local university for undergraduate, majoring in English and Creative Writing. After graduating in 2010, she moved to Seoul, South Korea where she taught English as a Second Language to 3rd - 6th grade students. While there, she began private English lessons with high school students, business professionals, and North Korean refugees of all ages. Discovering a passion for sharing English with non-native speakers, she decided to combine her love of language and literature with the deep interpersonal connections that education provides. Upon returning to the States, she enrolled in a Masters Program at a lcoal university focusing on Secondary English Education. Since graduating, she has taught 8th grade English Language Arts, 10th grade World Literature and AP English at one of the top Private Schools in Atlanta. She is also the lead teacher for the school's drama club. Kelley is especially good at motivating students in studying English and students like her a lot.

Dr. Rong Liu

Dr. Rong Liu is Associate Professor of English in a college in metro Atlanta area. Dr. Liu has served as the Coordinator and Chair for his discipline. He is a recipient of Top Claw Award, a distinctive teaching honor in the college where he teaches. He is a language teacher with more than 20 years of college teaching experience at several colleges, both in China and in the US. He currently teaches English and Chinese language courses in a local college. He received his PhD in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. He is interested in using technology to enhance second language learning. He believes in teaching and learning as a “whole person.” He encourages active discussion, inventive writing, and critical reading through creative assignments and intellectual challenge.

Kevin Wang,PhD

Member of the national team for China's first International Olympic Mathematical Competition (IMO). He graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Peking University with a Ph.D. in mathematics from Pennsylvania State University. He has taught at the University of California, Irvine and Los Angeles, and has held senior positions in American high-tech companies. Over the years, he has advocated and promoted engaging mathematics education, logical reasoning training, Olympiad-type mathematics and scientific research based on subject research in the United States, and participated in the propositional judging committee of many mathematical science competitions in the United States. Dr. Wang Feng’s educational philosophy is to maximize the protection of children’s interests. Professor Wang also claims that "without sustained interest as a basis, there is no way to improve performance and increase in ability, because what we want is the long-term development of stuts. They are mutually reinforcing relationships. Interested, willidents. Therefore, you cannot reverse your interests and achievemenng to think, make progress, and have more confidence. This is a benign and progressive process. The more you like to learn, the more you learn, so you can solve more problems and feel the joy of solving puzzles. Just as anglers enjoy the fun of fish, they must stop to continue."


Mr. Li

Mr.Li graduated from the Department of Computer Science of Shanghai Jiaotong University and obtained a master's degree. After graduating, he worked at Xiamen University, mainly engaged in the design and development of computer software. He has participated in bilingual teaching in advanced mathematics and engineering mathematics. He has lectured on high-frequency electronic circuits, digital image processing, communication principles, data structures, compiler principles, C language, VC++, C#, Java, microcomputer principles, microcontroller principles, Linux operating systems, linear algebra, etc.


Dr. Zhang

Dr. Zhang (Jeremy Zhang, PhD) is currently working for j2 Global, a Nasdaq-listed company, responsible for strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and product management. His team spans North America, Europe, and Oceania in eleven countries, providing data security services to more than one million business and individual users. Dr. Zhang graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a major in Computer Science. He has worked at Bell Labs, McKinsey, and Iron Mountain, an S&P 500 index company. He has more than a decade of experience as a professional manager in the US workplace and has a deep understanding of corporate strategy and leadership training. Dr. Zhang loves youth education and hopes to cultivate outstanding leaders of the second generation of China through the joint efforts of the Shihui team. He is responsible for course construction at SHMD Academy. He is good at applying mathematics education and provides support for Shihui Mingdao students in mathematics competition, robotics, software development and other expansion projects.

Ms. Wan,Principal

Graduated from Hebei Shifan University and Pepperdine University. She was the principal of ACCCN Chinese School. She has rich teaching experience and is the principal of SHMD and a Chinese teacher. Currently working in finance at Georgia Tech


Professor Wen

Warren Wen (JD) Studied at Wuhan University School of Law (Bachelor of Law), as well as University of Washington, USA (JD). During his more than 20 years of lawyer career, Wen Yong worked for the world's and leading US law firms, for international Trade, international investment and immigration have extensive experience. Professor Wen is good at language education. Coupled with his many years of study abroad experience, Wen has accumulated a lot of bilingual learning methods and practical application tricks. He often walks into the classroom to share the experience with the children and help them enhance their confidence in learning.

Mr. Zhuo

Graduated from the University of International Business and Economics. He has been engaged in international trade for many years and is keen on teaching Chinese as a foreign language. He has unique experience and rich experience that other teachers cannot match.

Dmitri Romankov

Coach Dmitri served as the Belarusian national team coach, assistant coach of Stanford University and junior national team coach in Taiwan, producing amazing fencers in both the collegiate and international level. In addition, Coach Dmitri served as an assistant coach to Ohio State, helping the Ohio State fencing team earn back-to-back 2nd place finishes in the NCAA National Championships. Coach Dmitri’s family is heavily involved in the international fencing community, producing some legends of the sport. Dmitri’s father, Vladimir, was a world champion and his uncle, Alexander, is considered one of the greatest foil fencers of all time. In addition to his coaching at Epic Fencing Club of Atlanta, Dmitri is also the head coach of Savannah College of Art and Design, coaching four international fencers. Recently, one of his students, Maria, has achieved a top 16 finish in Div 1 Women’s Foil in the October North American Cup.


Oswaldo Ortega

Coach Ortega was the coach of the Venezuelan national team. He was trained at the Institute of Sports and Physical Education in Paris, France, one of the premier fencing programs in the world. In addition, Coach Ortega is one of the few Maestros in the Southeast USA. After coaching the Venezuelan national team for 10 years, Ortega relocated to the U.S in 1996, coaching the junior national team for four years.Coach Ortega’s passion for fencing makes him one of the best coaches in the country, producing competitive fencers with remarkable results. These fencers continue to make their mark in regional, national, and international tournaments.


Eric Paracka

Coach Eric earned a bronze medal in Cadet in a North American Cup and was the the number one college fencer in Southeast U.S from 2007 – 2011.In addition to his remarkable results, Coach Eric has also been coached by internationally renowned coaches. He was coached by Maestro Amgad Khazbeck, former Egyption National Coach and as of 2018, U.S Women Foil National Coach, and Coach Guo Ying, former Chinese national head coach.

Professor Dai

Born in Beijing, China on October 7, 1942. Researcher for China Central Institute of Educational Science, member of the State Education Commission, a senior member of the National Education Commission, director of the Educational Research Association of the Chinese Society of Education, and secretary-general of the Chinese Character Culture Education Research Center. He has been involved in basic theoretical research, educational experimental research, basic education curriculum teaching research and Chinese language and writing education curriculum research. He has engaged in mathematics education in middle schools, teaching in the middle school of the Capital Normal University, a well-known key middle school, proficient in mathematics education in middle school, proficient in algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry, analytic geometry, and preliminary teaching of calculus. He has published more than ten articles (parts); he wrote the first "Family Education for Middle School Students" in China; engaged in educational reform and experimental research, and co-authored "Experimental Methods of Practical Education." Engaged in teaching theory research, edited "Speaking Lessons" and "Teaching Reform of Basic Education in China"; engaged in curriculum theory research, edited "Study on General High School Curriculum Planning Problems", monographed "Course Reform Research and Experiment"; engaged in subject education research, He is the editor of "The Reform of Teaching Methods in the New Era" and "Scientific Research on Literacy Education in Modern Primary Schools"; he is also the editor-in-chief of "Course Research" magazine and "Teaching Research Journal" and is engaged in the study of "Course Experiments".

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